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4 Ways I’m Upleveling My Life Right Now

You can find TONS of business and money-making strategies out there. But there are not that many who share what they do to refine the entire online business journey from the mindset and energy perspective.

This makes people think that the majority of the effort when trying to hit business milestones comes from the strategy. But in reality, most of the growth we see comes from the mindset and spirituality work that goes behind the business and money-making work.

In this episode, I’m sharing with you the 4 things I’m doing right now to refine and uplevel my life for further growth.

All the juicy deets inside the episode:

  • What is energy cycling?
  • How to use energy cycling to your advantage
  • My current learning journey in diet, fitness, and nutrition
  • More passive income
  • Leaning more towards being an observer of my thoughts
  • How I’m choosing NOT to be a victim of circumstance

The 4 Ways I’m Upleveling My Life Right Now

  1. I’ve been cycle-syncing my energy

The general idea of cycle syncing your energy is tracking your menstrual cycle to understand which type of energy is associated with each phase of your menstrual cycle. What this does is it helps you know when your body is ready for introspection or when you should put more effort into external, more outgoing work.

To help me do this, I track the moon cycle because Mama moon has a 28-day cycle and the woman’s body also has a 28-day cycle. In fact, I have a journal ready to download for anyone interested in trying this for themselves. You can learn more about it here.

  1. I’m releasing fat from my body

This wasn’t a priority for me. I look lean and strong without too much effort. A lot was already going right. But honestly, my body has been at its biggest size it’s been. And I’m still making peace with the idea that my best body days are already behind me.

So I signed up to work with a diet and fitness coach to help me lose a few pounds. I knew it was the right decision because I felt a strong sacral Yes to join the program. It’s been an absolutely tremendous journey.

Working with an expert allowed me to know things I otherwise wouldn’t have known. This is the value of working with a coach – helps you save TONS of time and effort.

  1. I’ve been focusing time and energy on more passive wealth

Building businesses and taking them to 6 and 7-figures is quite a journey. But as time goes by, you’ll realize it’s NOT the money that is making business owners want to pursue business. It’s the flexibility of being able to invest in more passive income – helping them buy back time and freedom.

The idea here is you want to have more of the money from the active income bucket and move it to the passive income bucket. It’s one of the basic laws of income. And I’ve been putting more effort into moving money into the passive income bucket for me.

I don’t have many details to share right now because I want to have receipts to show for it first. But I’ll definitely let you know when that happens.

  1. Cleaning up and noticing and being the observer of my thoughts

I never want to feel like a victim of circumstance or like anything is happening to me. I believe that I’m always choosing it in one way or another. This is why I’m choosing to be more of the observer of my thoughts and noticing how I’m reacting to them.

I like to be tapped into the idea that anything happening in my life is my choice. This helps me own the results of it. And then take it a step further and be in appreciation of it. Instead of being bummed about things that are out of my control… I’m changing my focus to something more positive. And be in a state of gratitude.

This practice changes the way I feel throughout the day. And it doesn’t require too much mental gymnastics because you know I’ve been a mindset junkie for years.



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