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Emily June Wilcox is a crystal loving, coffee drinking, money healer and business mentor.

Emily’s mission is to uplevel the planet through helping women heal their money wounds and build significant wealth – which allows women to act from purpose & passion instead of obedience & obligation.

While building three 6 and 7-figure businesses (e-com, agency, and coaching), Emily decided to ditch the belief that it had to be hard. She tapped into feminine energy to allow more ease and joy and support from her team. She uses energetics, woo woo, and a sprinkle of strategy to help women build their fempires and walk the joyous path to millions.

Emily June Wilcox

I’ve interviewed, coached, and quizzed more than 500 women entrepreneurs about their secret thoughts and feelings about money (go listen to The Joyous Path to Millions Podcast to get a flavor.) Through this work was born a categorization, nomenclature, and deep understanding of our money wounds. There are 6 distinct money wounds that I’ve discovered and it’s been my honor to help so many women heal them through my Money Wound Medicine™ Program.

How I've gained my expertise on this subject

No one is talking about the way we FEEL about money. Our deep, dark, secretive thoughts and feelings. Yet these are the very things that control our relationship with money. All the budgeting and forecasting and goal setting in the world won’t fix this. When we feel better about money, we’ll receive more of it. Period. It’s as simple as that…yet we’re still operating under the disempowering, unspoken rule that money is a taboo topic.

What makes my treatment of this topic unique

All humans experience unhealthy conditioning around money. But women experience greater wealth and income disparity because there’s also “good girl” conditioning around not being greedy, not wanting too much, not being too ambitious - that really hinders women in claiming and receiving the wealth they desire. When women business owners recognize and heal their money wounds, they can and WILL create a new paradigm on this planet. The paradigm of wealthy, joyful, generous, empowered women.

Why this topic is essential knowledge for women business owners

Whether you desire a keynote presentation, panel participation, interview or workshop, I will deliver the goods.

My timely presentations on money, life, business, and energetics are full of stories, participation, and depth that lead to transformation for every attendee.

Some of my favorite learning objectives:

  • What the heck is a money wound?
  • How are Money Wounds repelling money from us?
  • And how do we heal Money Wounds to call in more wealth?

The specific benefits participants will take away

  • Potent understanding of the familial and societal conditioning around money that shaped and still dictates how you think & feel about money
  • How to diagnose your money wounds and recognize the ways they are showing up in your life & bank account
  • Experience the profound and permanent healing of money wounds (we’ll work through one together)
  • Feel empowered to rise into new levels of wealth

Are just some of the adjectives used to describe my speaking style.

deep af

Authentic. Inspiring. Life-changing. Captivating. Transparent.

See em in action

Chelsea j.

I'm so grateful for Emily and her containers. I joined to be empowered by other women business owners. We've come together as sisters, inspired each other, and enjoyed expansive experiences together.

I'm so Grateful

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