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My First $100k Month Should Have Felt Like a Celebration; Instead I Felt Anxious and Unsettled...

I had two young kiddos and two young businesses. I thought if I worked harder, nailed the right strategies, and pushed myself to hit my goals as quickly as possible – that it would all pay off in the end. 

But when I hit the long awaited goal of receiving $100k cash in a single month and felt anxious & unsettled, it was the first time I truly realized that no outer goal could change my inner environment.

So I dove deep into the inner work – reparenting my inner child, diagnosing and healing my money wounds, and breaking my patterns of hustle & delayed gratification.

Since then, I’ve had back to back million dollar years and I’m truly walking the joyous path to millions.

Getting to that Point wasn't easy.

Once my life and business (the inner & outer) felt aligned and in-flow, I felt the intuitive nudge to start sharing what I’d learned. I was no stranger to coaching - having invested over $50k to be in various masterminds, retreats, and 1:1 containers over the years – but I never considered becoming a coach myself.

Nevertheless, I followed my inner guidance.

Spirit showed up to co-create and podcasts, programs, masterminds & more began pouring through me. Dream clients were delivered to my door (thank Goddess!) My life is full of more joy and fulfillment than I ever could have imagined.

The best part? I’m aligned with my soul mission and making a profound impact (a dream come true!)

Now I Guide Other Soulpreneurs on Their Joyous Path to Millions

I created my memberships so I could help reach even more women at any phase of business, and there's so much more to come!


twenty twenty-three

I started my coaching business and pulled in $1.56m in cash between the three businesses while raising my kids, working 20 hours a week and helping 100's of women heal.


twenty twenty-one

As I did the inner work, our businesses became healthier than ever and my intuition began pulling me toward a big change.


twenty twenty

As our businesses and family grew we began investing in masculine-style strategy experts, and it all but broke our business.

At the same time, I started being called to do the work - inner child work, shadow work, mindset work...


twenty nineteen

After having my second baby, I finally quit corporate and we started a second business - our Amazon agency.


twenty eighteen

We grew our baby clothing  business to over half a million while I was still working my corporate career.


twenty seventeen

I had my first baby AND started my first business, a baby clothing co.


twenty fifteen

from hustle to healed

My Timeline

Sally M.

My work with Emily has literally transformed me -- as a CEO, as an entrepreneur, but most importantly as a woman. I uncovered the areas in my personal life that need to be set free so that I can accomplish all of my business goals.

Our Work has Transformed me

My first job out of college was training Arabian horses


I'm taller in real life than you probably think I am


I have two amazing kiddos, 8 and 5


I've been happily married for 13+ years


I'm an Enneagram 3 and a Manifesting Generator


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Retreats are a fast track to both personal and business growth. Come heal, play, and strategize with incredible women, in luxury!

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Together we rise! Bring all your desires to fruition with the most incredible sisters by your side. Includes private calls and group coaching.

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Ready to go deep, quickly? One on one mentorship includes private calls and private text/voice support.


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 close-proximity coaching

Diagnose and permanently heal your money wounds using a unique healing modality to receive more money and multiply your wealth.

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Money Wound

Learn how to grow a profitable, wealth-building business you love — skipping all the trial & error, “just scraping by”, & soul-sucking strategies.

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