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Get My Exact Step-by-Step System for Healing Money Wounds, Receiving More Wealth, & Upgrading Your Bank Account From Middle Class to High Net Worth 💰🚀

An understanding of how to diagnose and heal your wounds so that you can receive more money in a way that feels so good!

Live Q&A calls with Money Mentor and Coach Emily June Wilcox

Self Hypnosis Tracks for effortless subconscious reprogramming

Fill-in-the-blank journal prompts to help you take your healing deeper

Guided visualizations and healings for each of the six wounds

15 hours of on-demand healing of the Six Money Wounds: the Hard Money Wound, Evil Money Wound, Safe Money Wound, Money Shame Wound, Money Trust Wound, and the Disappearing Money Wound

What's included:

A program to help heal the wounds holding you back from the big-time wealth you were born for

What is Money Wound Medicine™️?

Join the Hundreds of women that Have healed their money wounds

Q: I only have a few money wounds, do I need the full program?

A: Yes! You’ll understand the connections between the wounds and many of my students report how helpful it is to learn about the other wounds because often your partner or family member will have them.

Q: Can I join later?

A: Yes, but the price may increase.

Q: I’ve tried other money programs – will this one work for me?

A: This is totally different than any other money program out there. As long as you make the effort, you’ll get the result.

Q: How fast can I expect results?

A: Many students have immediate “aha” moments that shift things very quickly. And the deeper integration will happen in a matter of weeks and months that follow.

Q: Do I have to be an entrepreneur to join?

A: No, this program will help change your relationship with money no matter what type of work you do (or even if you aren’t working.)

Q: Are there live components?

A: I host live Q&A and coaching calls 6 times throughout the year.

Q: Do I get instant access?

A: Yes, access is instant & lifetime.


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