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The First Step to Healing is Awareness

Do I hear a hell yes?!

Are you ready to leave "just enough" behind and crack the code on overflowing, surplus-building, abundance-feeling wealth? 

Do you know in your soul that you are meant to have a positive impact on the world through your work?

Are you an entrepreneur, agency owner, or coach who wants to walk the joyous path to millions?

And You Care A Lot About Who You Are BEing While You Build Your (F)Empire?

Do you feel, in your bones, that you’re meant for BIG MONEY 


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I’ve built two 7-figure businesses and a multi 6-figure business, WHILE raising two kiddos and working just 20-hours weeks. (Keeping it real: this took time, hiring a team, and healing my money wounds. And when you enjoy the journey, then it’s okay for it to take time 😉)

Using my proven Money Wound Medicine™ healing program and personalized, hands-on business coaching, my clients are able to scale their businesses quickly, while working less, and enJOYing life more.

And I'm obsessed with helping heart-centered, powerhouse entrepreneurs build a life full of abundance and impact, all while (truly) enjoying the journey. 

I'm Emily

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Shelly S.

"There is so much "fluff" in the coaching world, but Emily has this magic ability to cut through all the BS and get honest with her clients in the most loving way. She's the queen of leading us each back to ourselves, to our own inner guidance system and highest potential. Working with her has put my healing on high speed and every single area of my life is better because of it."

Emily is the real deal!

spoiler alert: You can have it all

Burnout doesn't have to be a part of your business. When you live in flow you are able to revel in every step of the joyous path to millions.

More Joy

You don't have to trade your minutes for dollars. You can have it all. More money and more time doing the things you love with the people you love. 

More Time

Not just enough to buy the house or go on that vacation - I'm talking a surplus of wealth that helps you create impact beyond your wildest dreams.

More Money

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Retreats are a fast track to both personal and business growth. Come heal, play, and strategize with incredible women, in luxury!

In-Person Events


Together we rise! Bring all your desires to fruition with the most incredible sisters by your side. Includes private calls and group coaching.

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Fruition Council

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Ready to go deep, quickly? One on one mentorship includes private calls and private text/voice support.


Private Coaching

 close-proximity coaching

Diagnose and permanently heal your money wounds using a unique healing modality to receive more money and multiply your wealth.

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Money Wound

Learn how to grow a profitable, wealth-building business you love — skipping all the trial & error, “just scraping by”, & soul-sucking strategies.

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Wealthy Soulpreneur

Discover the secret method used by thousands of spiritual women to build lasting wealth and a magical bank account that grows & grows.

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Ultimate Dream Bank Account Bundle


Ways we can work together

Erica Q.

"Although I’ve hired countless mentors and coaches, my relationship with Emily is the first long term one where I truly feel like she holds space and insight for me in every aspect of my life and business.

I’ve been in Emily’s mastermind since 2021, have attended her various programs she hosts, and have joined 3 retreats. She is a master of details and I’ve been so happy with everything. It is truly special to find a coach and mentor who knows you, can lovingly call you out when needed, and is there to walk the journey alongside."

My Work with Emily has been Life Changing


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Any good cure starts with a diagnosis. Learn your top money wounds so you can heal them and start receiving more money.

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