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At the Joyous Path to Millions Podcast (a top 3% global podcast - pinch me!!), we’re on a mission to heal money wounds, bust limiting beliefs, and up level the planet by putting more money in the hands of soul-driven entrepreneurs. On this show, we talk about money with radical transparency…you’ll hear how much money we make, what our profit margins are, which limiting beliefs we're healing, and more! Emily June Wilcox is a Multi 7-Figure CEO, Money Healer, and Business Mentor. She works with women entrepreneurs to walk their joyous path to millions.

Your Weekly Dose of Real Talk About Money & Wealth Building

Such an amazing podcast!!! 😍

Truly inspired by this wonderful podcast!! Love learning about money from Emily. She’s fantastic and her story is amazing. Definitely check out these podcasts episodes.

I can’t wait for all of the episodes to follow ☺️💸💸💸

Mind blowing

Emily tells it like it is, and inspires you to open yourself up to more. This is a wonderful addition to the world and a message so many of us need to hear. Can’t wait to hear more!

*THIS* is so needed!!🙌💸

Emily has created such a safe place to peel back the layers of money blocks that have kept me stuck for years!! She’s the total embodiment of joy, ease and flow while constantly staying open to receiving abundance 🙌 grateful to have found her and to learn from her!

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