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Sell More & Feel Good Doing It with Nicole Cramer

One thing we (mostly entrepreneurs) get sooo wrong about sales is it’s a tactic to get people to give their money to us. We undervalue the solution we’re presenting in exchange for the payment… Making sales feel icky and cringe.

Selling doesn’t happen exclusively on a transactional level where we get paid money in exchange for a product or service. Recommending a good restaurant to a friend who lives an hour away from it is sales. Convincing your kids to eat their broccoli is sales. We do sales daily but why is it that only the conventional idea of sales is the one we dread the most?

All the goodness waiting for you inside this episode:

  • Why selling should make you feel good
  • Selling as problem-solving
  • “Magic Phrases” to use on your next sales call
  • What it looked like for Nicole to get a job in sales (without the selling background)
  • Why more money isn’t solving 90% of your money problems
  • How money amplifies your personality AND your traumas

Top Takeaways from Em:

  1. Plant the seed.

Like a 100-year-old tree, your dream life requires planting the seed, nurturing it… before reaping the rewards. We often undervalue the act of thinking or even speaking our dreams out loud. Plant the seed now… Start being SURE that you’re moving towards the dream life you know you’re creating.

  1. Your money stuff doesn’t go away with more money

One thing we get wrong about money problems is that more money will solve them. It’s the obvious solution… But in reality, more money ONLY means more room for additional money problems.

What we need to understand about money problems is they are psychological. The way we think about money shows up both when we have tons of it… And when we feel we don’t have enough of it.

The way to deal with this is to look deep into the subconscious and identify unhealed traumas showing up as money wounds. Money Wound Medicine does this from diagnosing all your money wounds to helping you permanently heal them… So you can start removing blockages and allow abundant and safe wealth to flow into your life.

  1. Money is an amplifier

You might have heard of a saying that money changes people… While we do notice changes in behavior when people have more or less money… But that doesn’t mean they’ve changed. It only amplified who they really are.

Money makes you more of who you are. If you don’t trust yourself with money, you’re going to feel more distrust. If you feel unsafe with having more money, you’ll end up putting that trust in someone else… Or worse, end up losing the money because you already know it’ll go away anyway.

  1. Selling is Service

This is something I want to highlight in this episode. Selling is simply solving problems. When you know you have a product or a service that will help people solve their problems… selling should feel good.

Shifting into this perspective about selling changes the way you approach potential customers. You won’t go after their money… You’ll instead go after their problems and let them know “Hey, I know what you’re going through. Let me help you out.”

  1. You can use “magic phrases” to speak to the subconscious mind

While selling IS solving problems. The first barrier you need to overcome when selling is asking permission to solve problems. You may have a changed perspective about selling but customers often do not. Don’t fret though… There are tons of ways you can break through this subconscious barrier with different phrases.

Nicole shared a few and they are PURE gold. Listen to the episode and learn about these “magic selling phrases” you can use on your next sales call.



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