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I’m In A Funk – Now What?

We don’t normally love talking about days when we’re in a funk. It’s EMBARRASSING especially if you’ve announced to the world that you’re here to solve a problem… To make a difference through your business. But the entrepreneurial journey is NOT as easy as showing up and being productive every single day.

There WILL be days when you’ll question if what you’re doing really is what you want to be doing. This is mostly coming from the fact that you’ve placed sooo much effort but have very little progress or return. So what do you do when this normal negative human feeling strikes? Let me tell you.

What’s waiting for you inside this episode:

  • What to do when you don’t feel productive
  • How to cycle your tasks to match your body’s energy
  • Noticing that anxiety days, depression days, and being in a funk happen in a pattern
  • How to be a neutral observer and get out of being in a funk
  • Looking for places where there is energy and aliveness
  • The TRUTH about the “Joyous” path to millions

Questions to ask when you’re in a funk:

  1. Can you notice that being in a funk is a pattern?

If you pay close attention, you’ll notice that being in a funk and feeling unproductive happens once or twice a month. You’ll also notice how long your body takes to bounce back from the depression. It’s a pattern.

Once you start seeing that negative feelings occur in patterns, you can begin to see it as PREDICTABLE and then align your energy to get out of it as quickly as possible. This will include understanding if you should be in a state of introspection and reflection or in a state of taking action and execution.

  1. Can you be a neutral observer?

One of the most beautiful things about meditation and mindfulness is being NEUTRAL about your feelings. Whether you’re happy, sad, stressed, or anxious… When you look at them as a neutral observer… You’re moving away from a place of judgment.

And when you move away from a place of judgment, you’ll begin to notice feelings to be more familiar. When you see them as feelings you’ve experienced before… that’s when the fear and the doubt fade. Simply because you start realizing “I’ve dealt with this before.”

  1. Can you refrain from adding negative meaning on top of it?

Piggybacking from the previous question… When negative feelings start to be familiar to you, you’ll stop adding more negative meaning to it. You’ll start to see it’s NOT as uncommon as you think it is. It’s NOT as scary as you perceive it to be.

Can you refrain from adding negative meaning on top of it? And start to see it as something that you deal with from time to time. You’ve found your way around this familiar experience before and you’ll find your way around it again this time.

  1. Can you look for where there is energy and aliveness?

Now the real kicker about asking this question is it helps you get out of being in a funk quicker. When you start noticing areas of your life or moments in your day where there is positive energy and aliveness… You’ll start feeling “Hey, it’s not as bad of a day as I think it is.”

I know it can be challenging to do this when what your mind wants to do is think of the problem you’re faced with… But stepping away from the situation and making the effort to change your brain chemistry 9 out of 10 times changes everything. It doesn’t immediately solve the issue at hand but it changes the way you feel about it.

  1. Can you be open to the possibility that things can and often do shift really fast?

Have you ever noticed moments when you know you should be feeling depressed or anxious but then things shift quickly (in a matter of seconds even)? This is one of the most amazing things about us humans. Things we experience really can and do often shift fast.

Being in a funk is a real bummer… But when you think about it… It’s temporary. You got out of it before and you WILL get out of it now. How long? It depends. Some people take days. Some take weeks. Some take minutes. What you need to remember is that things shift fast… Be open to this possibility and you’ll begin to shorten the time you spend feeling unproductive.



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