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Quitting Corporate At Age 50 and Building a 7-Fig Business With Natalia Zacharin

Learning how to quit your 9-5 and living a life of uncapped income potential is not something that everyone dreams of. Plenty of people are more than happy and satisfied with working a corporate job, earning a fixed salary every month, and never thinking about work when they get out of the office.

But then there are those people who see themselves as creators. Risk takers. Founders who will bring a unique solution to pressing problems others don’t even care to think about. In this week’s episode, we’re celebrating Natalia Zacharin and her fierce journey of quitting her corporate job at age 50 and building a 7-figure business.

Golden nuggets from this episode:

  • What made Natalia quit a corporate job she really liked
  • How she felt inadequate to start her own business
  • The proof that money is indeed PSYCHOLOGICAL
  • Why you should know what is happening in your business
  • Grit gets you a long way
  • How to PROPERLY budget for your business (not based on what you see in your bank account)

Top Takeaways from Emily:

  1. Sometimes it’s good to NOT have any other options.

We always dread that feeling of back against the wall but if we look at it… this provides us so much space to get creative. Or to show the world what we’re truly made of. Even better, after going through these almost hopeless situations is when we feel a sense of growth.

There will always be a sense of security when we know a safety net is underneath us even when we want to think “this is my ONLY shot.” If you think of it… When you know for sure that this is your only shot, you tend to make it count.

  1. Grit gets you a long way.

How many times have you had to brute force your way into making something happen? I want you to look back at those moments… When all you had was yourself and your drive to push forward even when the odds weren’t exactly in your favor.

There is so much POWER in knowing you’re able to achieve near-impossible goals with nothing but your will to keep moving forward. I find having a north star, a goal you really desire, helps during times when you feel like throwing in the towel.

  1. Taking sales calls and talking to potential clients.

Most entrepreneurs hate the idea of jumping on sales calls because it’s draining and time-consuming. Why would we hop on a sales call when we have 10 other things we need to finish today, right? Wrong!

Sales calls are actually very helpful when you want to improve your business. A sales call is a channel for you to have that conversation with potential customers. This is a chance for you to understand what they’re going through and how your business will play a part in the solution.

You will never close 100% of sales calls. That’s just the nature of sales. But think about all the input you’re getting from these people. Valuable data you’ll use to improve the way you serve these people.

  1. Don’t budget based on the numbers you see in your bank account.

Trust me, looking at your bank account like it’s a pot full of gold at the end of the rainbow will get you down south. You will need funds to run your business. You have tools to pay, software, licenses, tax, a team to compensate, and yourself.

Before you know it, you’re using up almost all of the money inside your bank account. This is where experts come in. If you can’t handle your finances well, it is highly recommended for you to get help.

Understanding how cash flows in and out of the business (not your bank account) is necessary for you to keep the business growing.

  1. Your money wounds are showing up in your bookkeeping.

The subconscious mind always plays a part in our decision-making – even our money decisions. This is why if someone understands money wounds… And they do your bookkeeping, these money wounds will show up.

By simply looking at how money is coming in and out of your business, people can tell what is mostly going on in your mind. What behaviors stand out.

On the other hand, this is a chance for you to understand that these financial challenges in your business are NOT your fault. And that there is a way to let these traumas go. I have created Money Wound Medicine to help women entrepreneurs remedy this problem.

You can learn more about it here.



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