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What Your Soul Yes Is Leading You To (Plus March Celebrations & Stretches)

I’ve ALWAYS loved tuning in with my higher self and listening to how she is guiding me. Both towards the things I want in life and away from the ones that will not serve me at all. But a recent experience made me realize these Soul Yeses or Nos don’t always lead you to the outcome you’re associating with it.

There will be instances when they’re actually leading you to a valuable lesson. One that will, in turn, become the tool you’ll use to achieve said goal. The Universe has its funny way of making things work for you but when you learn how to trust… you’ll find that things you didn’t want to happen had to happen because it was leading you towards something bigger than you realized.

What this episode holds in store for you:

  • How the Universe led me towards making Money Wound Medicine sooo much better
  • Realizations and experiments I did while following the concept of the Rule of One
  • How things went through during my first three months following the Rule of One
  • My confidence towards reaching my first million-dollar month with Emily Wilcox Coaching
  • What changed and improved with Money Wound Medicine
  • March Celebrations & Stretches!

There is so much to be said about how to follow your intuition. Or how to tap into your higher self for guidance. But one thing I recently realized about this idea is that it’s NOT always there to guide you towards the things you feel you want.

There will be times when guidance from your higher self will come with a lesson first – a valuable tool you’ll need to achieve said goal IN ITS PERFECT TIMING. Yes, in its perfect timing. You know how I love to map out a goal within a timeline I’ve set for it…

That’s just how I’ve worked and how I’ve always held myself accountable and committed to making sure the needle moves forward. But after documenting my three months (so far) following the Rule of One… I’ve realized there are lessons I need to pick up along the way first before.

When I first discovered the idea of the Rule of One from one of my business coaches… I’ve felt a rush of positive energy flowing into me. I was so sure it was telling me this WILL be the year for Money Wound Medicine.

So I focused heavily on promoting my one offer in my one platform and helping one audience. But after I went through the things that happened in the last three months… It felt like I was lacking the momentum I normally have. So I went over the program experience and dug deep into the things that need fixing or improving.

And that’s when it hit me.

That SOUL YES that lit me up when I decided to commit to the Rule of One was NOT necessarily about me making my first million for my coaching business… But was a yes towards the direction of me fine-tuning Money Wound Medicine to be a big leap closer to being the signature program I want it to be.

So if you ask me, am I confident I’ll make that first million from Money Wound Medicine this year? Not really (but I’ll try). On the other hand, am I confident that my finance coaching business is INEVITABLE and will make its first million-dollar year in ITS PERFECT TIMING? HECK YES!

We’re ALL meant for greatness but we first have to be ready to offer that greatness to the world… and trust that your higher self will guide towards being that version of yourself if you allow it.



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