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Upleveling Standards & Boundaries

Standards and Boundaries are often interchanged but they are actually two different things. Both are about you, both make things so, so much easier for you, and both are REQUIRED if you’re like me who conserves the energy I spend on people and things that don’t serve me well.

As a mompreneur, I have so, so many things and people I can better spend my energy on. And setting the right boundaries and upholding the ideal standards is something that has always helped me give more to what and who fills my soul.

To better understand their difference, I’ll tell you a story about how I blew through some yellow and red flags about a person I was talking with about this great investment opportunity.

Quick little highlight of this episode:

  • How I blew off yellow and red flags for a great investment opportunity
  • Why I think standards and boundaries are MORE THAN important for every individual
  • A hidden test I use to see if people are really good at communication
  • The reasons I told myself to make this investment opportunity happen
  • Understanding what you’re willing to settle for
  • Letting people know you’re serious about what you want to do
  • And so much more

A lot of business owners (and service providers) are good at what they do but fail on one or two other things required to make the working relationship great for both parties.

This is especially common now that we are working with different people from all over the globe. We’re faced with people who have different cultures, upbringing, and values. And upholding the right standards and boundaries, at first, may seem like you’re pushing people and opportunities away…

In reality, you’re moving away from things and people that aren’t a good fit for you… BUT you’re moving closer to those that are ideal or even a PERFECT FIT for you.

Now a STANDARD is different from a BOUNDARY. We often use them interchangeably…

But there is a difference.

A STANDARD is deciding what your criteria are. What you want to uphold. What measuring stick you want to use… NOT in a judgmental way, but just so that you can be honest with yourself.

It’s something that tells you what you’re willing to settle for.

Now, a BOUNDARY would be something you communicate that doesn’t require the other person to do anything. If this is your boundary, this is your boundary, Other people can’t do anything but respect that.

If it’s a NO, it’s a NO.

This will look different for two people. When you avoid a person who did not meet your standards or did not respect your boundaries… you may say that you dodged a bullet and would be better off working with someone else…

On the other hand, this person you avoided can also say the same thing. That they dodged a bullet and are better off NOT working with you.

One thing I want you to remember about this is that you’re NOT wrong. But at the same time, they’re also NOT wrong. It’s just that you’re NOT right for each other.

And during instances where you’re not a good fit for someone or something…

There will be signs. A LOT of them. I’m telling a story about how I avoided these signs the universe sent me about an investment opportunity that was interesting enough for me to send a work DM during the holidays.

Join me and listen in. I’m sure you’ll learn a TON.



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