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Decide to be Wealthy with Natalie Bullen

It’s amazing, isn’t it? How every major change in our lives starts with a single decision. Deciding we’re going to marry and become a mother. Deciding to start a gym membership and get fit. And deciding we’re quitting our jobs in pursuit of entrepreneurship and becoming wealthy.

What makes things complicated is when our decisions take us 2 steps back instead of 1 step forward. This is a common theme I see people who want to get into entrepreneurship make. They quit their easy, high-income jobs and start a business to make more money. But end up working 2x the hours and making wayyy less.

In this week’s episode, I’m joined by the amazing founder of Unapologetic Wealth, Natalie Bullen as we go through how you can correctly decide to be wealthy.

The juicy value packed inside this episode:

  • Why getting rich requires the correct mindset
  • How to get out thinking you don’t deserve to be wealthy
  • How being bad with money will sabotage you as a business owner (and what to do about it)
  • Are you really meant to be an entrepreneur?
  • Why Cash Collected is the ONLY equivalent of a SALE
  • Is entrepreneurship really just a SCAM?
  • And sooo much more

Key takeaways from Emily

  1. Having a job is EASIER

If you’re trying your hand at entrepreneurship right now, you’ll 100% agree that having a job is easier. You work 8 hrs/day (where 4 hours is mostly for talking with your colleagues), get guidance and coaching from superiors, and earn a nice consistent income month after month.

And to be honest, this can be the path to wealth for some people. It’s NOT always safe to leave your 9-5 and start a business. Statistics say that 9 out of 10 businesses WILL FAIL. So if you have a high-paying job and want to try your luck at starting a business… you might want to give it more than enough thought.

  1. Being wealthy is a DECISION

Like wanting to build a family or wanting to get back in shape… Being rich starts with a decision. And like the other examples, it’s NOT the half-baked decision of “oh I want to be rich.” You have to be ALL IN on this.

Have you really decided you’re going to be wealthy? And are you taking action towards achieving it? What are your long-term and short-term income goals?

  1. If you’re a business owner, you don’t have the luxury of being bad with money

There will be tons of ways you can become rich with a business… But ALL of them will require you to be good with money. As how Natalie put it, “You don’t have the luxury of being bad at money when you’re running a business.”

Know that this is something that can be fixed by hiring someone to teach you how to be good with money… Or hire an expert to do it for you. But we all know that won’t be the case for the majority who’s just starting so it’s still best to pick up a thing or two about how to handle your finances.

  1. Make MORE money

There will be times when we think the problem is that we don’t know how to budget the money we have. While this can be true in some cases, we should also acknowledge the fact that maybe these problems arise because we’re NOT making enough money.

Or maybe a lot of it is going away because of a trauma we don’t know we have – I’ve seen this happening to women who are making more than enough but are basically throwing them away because they feel unworthy of it.

And I help solve this problem inside the Money Wound Medicine.

  1. Decide to be good at SALES

Whether you like it or not, most of what we do in life is related to selling. Applying for a job, convincing your kid to eat their vegetables, asking someone out on a date. A lot of the day-to-day things we do require some form of selling.

If we know how to be good at selling, it opens a whole lot more opportunities for us. We get that promotion, we close that client, and we see income skyrocket.

But the real question is… What are the steps you’re taking to be good at sales? It’s 2024, and almost anyone with access to a device that can connect to the internet can learn the basics of selling on their own.

So no excuse there especially if you know you’ll benefit from it.



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