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Get Uncovered with Kimberly Rose Pendleton

People think that we online entrepreneurs work exclusively one way or the other. Either working 100% of our time, running on coffee, with 2 hours of sleep… or barely working at all, making $1M in revenue, and living in different places all over the world with 90% of our tasks delegated to a team.

So what happens is when we’re NOT one or the other… we GUILT ourselves for “not making more.” Not doing enough and not doing more for the business. But in reality, it’s perfectly normal for any online entrepreneur to earn less than the ideal number and take rest days – planned and unplanned.

This could look like moving away from work, doing something totally unrelated to the business, and simply taking the time to be human. This is the idea we’re bringing in this week’s episode with my business bestie and intimacy coach, Kimberly Rose Pendleton.

What’s waiting for you inside the episode:

  • Answering the question “is it allowed to be this good?”
  • The concept of protective procrastination
  • Your Divine Marketing Team
  • How mistakes humanize our journey
  • An unofficial coaching session with Kimberly
  • Kim’s journey in writing her book
  • Putting trust that things will get better over time
  • Accepting version one of anything

Key takeaways from Emily:

  1. Does it get to be this good?

“Can I really have that too?” – We often ask ourselves if we’re allowed to be at this level of wealth or success. And oftentimes, we struggle with accepting that we are GOOD at what we do and that we deserve the money we are earning.

And this holds us (including me and Kimberly) back from taking action and putting in the effort to move our goals forward.

  1. The concept of protective procrastination

If you’ve ever found yourself moving away from work and anything related to it… that’s fine. Know that when you know you need to do things, but aren’t doing anything… it’s NOT usually that we don’t want to get shit done. It’s mostly the Universe trying to protect us from something.

This is one of the many reasons why it’s important that we connect with our higher self. Your higher self wants you to succeed but it also wants you to be safe. And if we have that special connection with it, we make better decisions.

  1. What am I getting out of this?

Asking ourselves “What am I getting out of this” whenever we doubt the actions we’re taking is golden. Knowing how our actions are serving us. How our problems are serving us helps put things into perspective.

Our energy is a limited resource. When we know how things are serving us, it’s easier for us to dedicate our energy towards the right things… And way easier for us to say “no” to the things that don’t serve us.

  1. Leveraging your “Diving Marketing Team”

Going back to our higher self and the Universe working to align the dots for us. Our efforts are NOT all on us. Our action taking on the human plane is not the biggest part of us getting what we want.

And leveraging the idea that there are things or goals… seemingly landing on our laps without much effort… helps us put trust in the process. Version one of anything will probably look less than ideal and that’s okay.

  1. Everything is INTIMACY work

There is so much POWER in being vulnerable through our work. After all, our unique personality is what makes us stand out.

If you come to think of it, almost everything we put out into the world holds a piece of who we are in the shadows… the parts of us that people rarely see. These parts of us (both positive and negative) can bring so much beauty and lessons into this world if we understand how they tie in with the work that we do.

You leave a part of you in everything you do. From preparing breakfast for your kids, having a meeting with your team, posting a 30-second part of your day on social media… to even putting out a course or a book.

And if you see it that way, it’s so much easier for you to feel like what you do is actually making an impact.



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