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Getting The BS Out of The Bank Account with Shawna Bigby Davis

People often think that most of their money problems come from what they’re doing with their time. That they have to hustle hard and be as productive as possible.

What most of us don’t understand is that income mostly depends on how we feel about it. In this week’s episode, I’m joined by Founder/CEO of Your Daily, Shawna Bigby Davis as we talk about how inner childhood traumas affect how we see ourselves with money.

The episode in highlight:

  • Why most of what our parents told us about money is wrong
  • How to listen to your body for signs of childhood trauma surfacing
  • Looking at yourself as someone who is WORTHY of the money you have
  • Why you need to work with a money coach
  • An app to help you with a nervous system reset
  • How to assess people (and situations) as SAFE or UNSAFE for you

Key takeaways from the episode:

  1. Examine your childhood for the clues to your subconscious programming.

Most of what our parents told us about money when we were young stemmed from their own experiences. Things have changed drastically and what they knew as best may no longer apply to the situations we have today.

As thriving adults, building wealth in 2024, we have more means, more information, and more ways to assess money challenges and if what we’re dealing with are, in fact, rooted in childhood traumas.

One way to determine this is by sitting down and examining if how you see yourself with money now is rooted in what your parents told you when you were young.

  1. If you’re making tons of money but keeping almost none of it… that’s a HUGE sign of the Disappearing Money Wound.

You may not notice it the moment it shows up, but when you’re earning good money but not keeping it… that’s a HUGE sign that you’re struggling with the Disappearing Money Wound.

This is common in women entrepreneurs and I’ve seen it take away so much wealth out of their lives. Shawna is no stranger to this, as you’ll hear from this episode, and she has had to let go of so much of her hard-earned wealth because of this money wound.

If you feel you’re struggling with the same issues, masking it by donating most of your wealth to charity or giving it out to your family and employees, now’s the time for you to permanently heal this money wound.

And I have the perfect program to help you do just that. Learn more about Money Wound Medicine here.

Shawna said it best… “You can’t heal a body you hate… you can’t shame yourself into wellness.”

  1. If your health is suffering, that’s a clue that your body is trying to tell you something… listen to her. ADVOCATE for your health.

There is sooo much you can learn from listening to your own body.

You may not know it but there will be signs, changes, and messages when something is even slightly wrong inside you. Listen to her. Don’t ignore the warnings because you’ll end up with permanent wounds that’ll be more challenging to fix.

When you find yourself struggling with a health issue that is making it difficult for you to get through even a day… that’s a sign you should stop and listen to your body.

Be an advocate for your health and you’ll see just how much you’re still able to grow.

  1. Using the filter of SAFE or UNSAFE. Quickly assess situations and people.

We have to remember that energy is a limited resource. And we get to choose how we spend it.

One important idea that Shawna and I talked about in this episode is how to quickly filter situations (and people) as safe and unsafe for our well-being.

This is crucial especially if you’re struggling to find a sense of safety and calm during your work days. Remember, you don’t have to fill up your calendar with things that don’t feel right for you and that’s perfectly okay.

  1. YOU have to decide that you’re WORTHY of it all. The world is not going to decide it for you.

The main theme of this week’s episode is finding that sense of WORTH.

When faced with a situation where you see yourself as someone who is not worthy of the things you’re getting… Ask yourself. Why NOT you?

So the next time you win a big deal with a client or reach a milestone in your business… and feel like those are not meant for you. Breathe and ask yourself that question. Trust me, it’ll be sooo much more rewarding once you start seeing what you’re truly worth when it comes to money.

Join us and listen to the episode.



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