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January 2024 Celebrations and Stretches

WE ARE OFF to a BEAUTIFUL start. And I couldn’t be more excited to share with you my January 2024 Celebrations and Stretches. Seriously, when I was going through this review, I was shocked…

Sooo much happened in 31 days (both in my business and life). Even though my focus was NOT on money at all… I still saw so much financial growth in my agency and my coaching business. I’m sharing them all with you in this week’s episode.

MY January 2024 highlight:

  • Did a lot of parenting and traveling with the kids
  • Almost lost it and had to sage the entire house
  • Did a week of filming! (I’m in a reality TV show)
  • Started implementing the Rule Of One
  • Cleaned my business from the inside out
  • Made almost $100k in the first month of the year

I strongly believe most of what happened in January stemmed from me not giving too much attention to the results. Especially on the financial outcome.

I had to let go of the thinking that as a business owner, everything I do should make me more money. Yes, there were instances where I earned more because I did more… but ultimately I think if we’re working from a place of INTENTION, outcomes give us a sense of fulfillment that we don’t normally get if we only think about the money.

“We care about HOW the money comes, and WHO we are becoming as the money comes.”

This is something that I’ve always strived to inject into every decision I make for my business.

And it has worked wonders in making sure my goals are following a track I’ve set for them based on my intentions and personal VALUES.

Before you join me in this January 2024 Celebrations and Stretches episode…

I’d love to leave you a very important message.

You’re doing WONDERFUL as a mompreneur, solopreneur, and businesswoman.

If you feel like you’ve NOT done enough for your small business…

Remember: It’s ONE month.

You still have 11 more to go and sooo much beauty is still in store for you. I’ll be rooting for you every step of the way.

But if you feel like you need more support to achieve your first million year in business, shoot me a DM and I’ll tell you exactly what needs to happen. I’d be more than happy to join you in diagnosing financial blockages that are stopping safe and abundant wealth from flowing into your life.

You’ll be surprised to know that the majority of women solopreneurs who aren’t happy with their bank account are NOT to blame. Something deep inside of them is blocking wealth from coming in and I’ve worked with countless wonderful women to heal these blockages.

I’d love for you to experience the same financial transformation.



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