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The Rule Of One

I’m sooo excited (yet also terrified) about what I have planned for my coaching business this year. After hearing the idea of the Rule of One from my go-to women entrepreneur coach, Maria Wendt…

I’ve realized the thing that I want to do this year… Specifically, the thing that I want to do with my coaching business. If you’re itching to hear about it, I’m going to tell you in a moment 🤭

This episode is full of secrets & surprises:

  • Will I be closing the podcast?
  • What is the thing I have planned for my coaching business
  • Who will benefit from this change I’m implementing?
  • What your role will be on this journey (yes!! We’ll be a team on this one!)
  • Changes to the Money Wound Medicine™ offer
  • How money wounds are sabotaging your path to safe and abundant wealth

First of all, let’s give credit where credit is due. This week’s episode of The Joyous Path to Millions podcast is inspired by Maria Wendt, and the steps she took to make her first $1M in her coaching business.

This year… I’m aiming to do the same for Emily Wilcox Coaching.


I’ll be honest, after listening to her YouTube video talking about The Rule of One (link in the comments below btw)… I had some major doubts.

Did she really follow the concept to a tee?  Can I follow through with this in my own coaching business?

I liked the idea of it. I believed in the power of it… but I didn’t know.

I had sooo many questions.

And after getting off a coaching call with Maria… I felt SOOO CALLED OUT 🫣

She STRICTLY followed the Rule of One and made her first $1M in less than a year.

And now…

Even though I’m feeling terrified. I’m also SUPERRR excited to make this happen for my coaching business.

The Rule of One (here we go):

  1. One Target Market

Women Entrepreneurs (without a doubt!!) 👸

  1. One Problem

Money wounds that are blocking amazing women entrepreneurs from attracting safe and abundant wealth.

THIS is the heart of Emily Wilcox Coaching and I will stand by this mission through and through.

  1. One System/Platform


I was thinking I might need to shut down the podcast… or even stop sending emails to my list.

But I’ve always loved recording these weekly episodes 💖💖💖

Sooo the podcast will be going away anytime soon (I’m cheating a bit on this one!)

And honestly, it wouldn’t make sense to use the podcast as my “one platform” but this is one part of my business that I reallyyy love doing.

And it’ll continue.

  1. One Offer

Money Wound Medicine (all the way!!)

Does this mean I won’t sell my retreats? Or my 1on1 coaching sessions?


What it means is I’m going to be focused (a lot) on talking about the value of Money Wound Medicine and enrolling more people.

I hopeee 🤞🤞

By doing this, I’ll invite more people into my retreats or my 1on1 coaching offer.

SPOILER ALERT: price changes may happen real soon… so now’s the best time to jump in if you’re still on the fence about joining MWM.

  1. One Year

2024 – THIS IS THE YEAR for Money Wound Medicine ✨✨✨

Honestly, I don’t know if I can focus on making this happen… but I reallyyy believe in the power of going all in on the idea of The Rule of One.

And I want to make it happen. I want to attract and manifest that THIS WILL happen this year.

If you’re ready to join me on this journey. Listen to the episode.



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