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Emotional Alchemy

Looking to find your power, body, voice, and aliveness? This episode is going to help you find just that. 

Po Hung is an emotional alchemist, somatic healer, a spiritual guide, and a self intimacy coach. She is a wealth of knowledge through her studies and her own healing journey. I really hope you enjoy this episode.

This episode shares the answers to…

  • How sacred rage shows up in our bodies
  • What numbing out looks like and how to tap into your feelings when you are
  • How plant medicine can help you access your inner guidance and soften the work
  • How to seek guidance and inspiration from all places
  • What to follow when you feel lost

Let’s dive into the takeaways: 

1. The pattern of sacred rage and repressed anger shows up as a right sided issue

Real freedom comes from a balance of masculine and feminine. The wisdom around sacred rage and what it looks like to experience it and alchemist it. 

Culturally men are allowed to be angry and women are allowed to be Sad but not not in reverse. 

There are many patterns that come from this pattern like codependency, people pleasing. This commonly shows up in the body as right sided issues and pain.

2. The numbness or confusion you are experiencing in business and life looks a lot like…

When someone asks you what do you really want or how do you think that’s really going to make you feel and you go blank.

There is no true “why” behind those questions. I had this same issue and couldn’t tell you why I wanted to hit a specific number or why I wanted my business to be successful.

This is a clue that there are parts of yourself you are unable to access and it is time to get curious and start to lean into the inner work.

3. Find support in the journey of softening your inner child with psilocybin

Only if it calls to you, it is a great tool to help in the softening of the nervous system, the body, and help rewire the limiting beliefs and habitual ways of being. 

This tool is not just good with healing trauma but expanding your capacity for pleasure and expanding in order to heal the dark stuff so the light can be seen.

It really helps us live in more gratitude in an accelerated way.

4. Finding guidance and inspiration in the most unusual places

I love that Po talked about her dad and how he’s her spiritual teacher. It’s really cool that it doesn’t need to be a coach that we hire online. 

It could be as simple as a book we read or in one of the many places in our community that we might meet someone that we really feel drawn to and we recognize their wisdom.

Just allowing ourselves to be guided and inspired in all the ways through all of the people.

5. When we feel lost, finding that little flicker that lives within

She talked about this little light that has lived within her for so long, that was just a flicker. Just following what that flicker means to you.

Following it to that juicy, delicious, turned on living. 

I absolutely enjoyed this episode especially the discussion about the masculine and feminine balance that helps balance the nervous system.

Thank you so much for tuning in, I hope you give it a listen.



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