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Discover Your Thrive Factor

What an amazing time to be an entrepreneur and being able to follow our passions. This episode of the Joyous Path To Millions is all about creating that sense of freedom in your life.

I am joined by Shannon Dunn from Thrive Factor Co where we discuss everything from human psychology to building a framework that’s bigger than yourself.

Listen to discover…

  • What you can get curious about to help you on your journey 
  • How learning more about yourself is valuable
  • Why all money is good money
  • How to see the unexpected gifts obstacles and setbacks can be
  • Why building something bigger than you is so important

Key takeaways to start building:

  1. Get curious about human psychology, the more you understand human behavior the better

Shannon shares, “The Thrive Factor Framework came about through my love of human behavior. Being fascinated by how we function or how we dysfunction.

That has interested me. I can take myself back to my teenage years, which are a long time ago now. 

I was reading the work of Carl Jung, who is a philosopher who has written and studied all kinds of theories and hypotheses around archetypes, as well as several other things.

It was a really big part of the body of his work and it just made sense to me that there are certain types of people and that we’re not one type, we’re multidimensional.”

  1. Learning about yourself is of great value

I love astrology and human design and all of the archetypal quizzes because I always learn a little something more about myself. 

It doesn’t mean it’s the end all be all or that I remember all of it, but this path to self discovery is so important.

  1. All money is good money 

Doesn’t matter whether it comes through a job, contract work, entrepreneurship, money falling out of the sky, winning the lottery, getting an inheritance, all money is good money.

  1. Even obstacles and setbacks have unexpected gifts

I think what people don’t realize is that when you get injured, that’s the rock star in your marketing department, on your fulfillment team, CEO, or the salesperson getting injured.

Every aspect of the business and you may have people on your team that help support you but entrepreneurship is a different kind of deal.

Adjusting accordingly and changing the game I could really try to push myself to pretend that nothing happened and act on all cylinders, but that’s not the reality.

  1. Build something bigger than you

When I hear Shannon talk about her framework and her vision, it goes so far beyond her. 

It goes to teaching other coaches this methodology and having a framework that can help thousands and thousands of people.

That thinking big and also building big.

If you’re looking to build something bigger in the future on your Joyous Path To Millions this episode is for you, give it a listen.



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