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Receiving Sacred Wealth

Ready for a full circle moment? This episode is a great representation of ‘dream it and then achieve it’ manifesting!

That’s exactly what Nikki Ananda did! She decided long before being on my podcast that she wanted to be interviewed someday, that day happened and it is an amazing episode.

She crushed it! Listen to discover…

  • What to add to everything you do
  • How to show up as the person you dream of being
  • What receiving sacred wealth is all about
  • How to decide what kind of money game you want to play and what do do with it
  • What to do every step of the way when building your business

Let’s dive into the key takeaways:

  1. Add positive meaning to everything you do

I feel so honored that I can hold the space for financial celebrations and that this show has facilitated these conversations.

 It’s interesting depending on which bubble, which echo chamber you’re tuned into, you may not hear anyone talk about money. 

It could also be that you’re plugged into a lot of feminine energy empowerment coaches. 

Numbers are getting thrown around all the time but it lacks the authenticity and story and the true context. 

This doesn’t happen all the time but sometimes there’s almost this numbing out that happens where you forget what these numbers actually mean or you question whether they’re true.

So I just love being that safe space where you’re like: 

Yes, these are my numbers and I’m so excited and the journey that I’ve taken myself through to get there.

  1. Ask yourself who would I need to be to do X, then be that person

Nikki said “It’s a whole journey but your podcast was one of the only things I was listening to and I’m not a podcast person that’s not my thing.

It was really when I got started on this work of healing money wounds.

It was one of the most healing medicines for me to receive when I was in the darkest voids of my entrepreneurial growth. 

I told myself, I am going to be on this podcast someday. What would that look like? Who would I be to be the person that is on this podcast? 

The fact that it’s only been a year and a half and I’m here with you now is a massive, massive celebration.”

  1. Presence and experiencing the eternal now it’s what it’s all about

Nikki shared a beautiful example of the eternal now: “By staying persistent in that, staying persistent, like, in the heat of the frequency that I wanted to be in, the breakthroughs just happened.

There was this one moment that was really profound this summer. I was in the garden, cutting roses for one of the ceremonial bodywork sessions that I was doing, and there was just this, shoom, a big Awakening that kind of came in.

I realized in that moment that no matter what was happening or where on the planet I would like to be, where I was in this moment is where I would want to be.

There was nothing I would want to be doing more than what I was doing at that moment. I was cutting roses preparing to love up on this woman coming to be on my table. 

There was nothing more blissful than that and it was priceless. When I saw that, I was like, this is priceless. 

There’s no money for this.”

  1. Decide what kind of money game you want to play and have fun while you’re playing

It truly is all energetics and it is a game. You get to make up the rules and you get to play it however you want.

We even play games with ourselves in order to calibrate to different pricing.

Saying 5k a month for something might not feel great. If you rewrite it to be 15k for three months that might feel oddly better and you can get yourself to say that. 

Then once you get to that point it’s still just 5k a month and then your nervous system gets used to it.

But it’s like allowing it to be a game.

The shadow side of that is like, I’m broken. 

There’s something wrong with me. I need to heal something and yes that is probably true but there’s a time for healing. 

There’s a time to just be like, okay, how do I play with this? How do I get curious and have fun with it?

  1. Build your business the way you want to build it

Make sure that you’re operating in a way that you’re stacking evidence so that when you look back on your success.

You understand that it came through your joy, your passion, your creation, through doing what you love. 

Rather than through the hustle, the grind and the self sacrifice and those old paradigm ways of doing things.

Nikki’s Joyous Path To Millions is one that is full of letting go of all the conditioning holding her back. I really hope you give the episode a listen and it inspires you on your effortless path to millions.

Until next time.



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