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Stop Settling

This episode is all about defining success for ourselves. The basis of that success is to start living on your own terms and make a great living doing it. 

I go into depth on this topic with a friend of a dear friend, who also happens to be a super successful business coach – Lianne Kim.

All the juicy goodness:

  • How to filter potential clients
  • What the biggest question to ask yourself when it comes to your business 
  • How to get into a stable and loving relationship with your business
  • What you may not even know is a priority
  • What one of the best company values that makes my heart sing. (It actually has nothing to do with money!)

Key takeaways to help you stop settling:

1. Find a great filtration system so you work with those who best serve you

Finding what the red flags your clients typically have and then putting in processes in place in order to avoid them. 

That’s what a red flag magnet is and I personally have never heard it be called that before but it’s a great name. 

These hidden tests allow you to get to know who you are signing up to work with before you actually work with them.

We do this a lot with the interview processes but it’s a great tool to use when hiring on clients.

2. Keep asking yourself key questions when running your business

Running your business from a place of “having to do something” or out of obligation doesn’t serve your clients or you in the long run. 

During our interview we really dove into building a business from an intuitive sense and saying no when something hasn’t felt like the right fit. 

So when you sit down and look at your business and really feel the energy of it.  Ask yourself this question:

Where are you settling in your business?

You can ask yourself this about any part of your business. Am I settling in my revenue? Am I settling with my team? Am I settling with my customers? Am I settling with my services or my offers? 

If you ask yourself these questions the answers should be really clear.

3. Getting into a stable and loving relationship with your business can be done with one simple step

There is something about the energetics of a 6-figure CEO that sounds stable and it sounds important or something you would not skip.

It’s hard to imagine a business just deciding not to pay their CEO an appropriate amount for the position they hold. 

Reframing your position on salary from it being an owner’s draw to what you pay your CEO to make the decisions and run the company will help with this.

4. Priorities that are hiding in plain sight that you might have overlooked

Getting comfortable with a couple key metrics in your business because most women are not looking at their finances enough. 

Most of them are turning a blind eye because they are overwhelmed so they don’t look or they are not making the money they want to make so they avoid it. 

Looking at the numbers means coming face to face with how you are actually feeling about money.

Who wants to do that? 

There are only three or four metrics that are the most vital for you to look at that are super helpful and important

5. Avoid delayed gratification by baking in the fun

Putting in all of the hours into your business and approaching it with so much delayed gratification that when you hit certain milestones you will start having fun and enjoying yourself. 

When you are able to catch yourself repeating stories that will get better someday or when you hit a certain milestone you will be able to relax. It’s time to shift gears to change the way you think.

This episode was really speaking my love language and touching on everything money and business.

If you’re ready to break out of your comfort zone and stop settling. Give it a listen.



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