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Stop Chasing Numbers

Looking to connect the dots between food, money, and inner child work? This episode is for you. 

There is something so freeing about releasing the sigma and shame numbers (whether on the scale or in your business!)

This episode add up to: 

  • How to own your numbers and transmute them to something positive
  • How to really dig deep and own that positivity
  • What the secret link to everything is
  • How to honor your natural rhythm
  • How to go through life with positivity and the ability to trust yourself

To give you sneak peek, we talked about:

1. Chasing numbers and turning them into something positive

Chasing calories and being a number to fixate on and then replacing that with chasing dollars and focusing on income.

There are so many parallels there because there’s a lot that you can do to lose five pounds that Is not sustainable long term. You could literally just stop eating for three days, but you can’t do that for 365 days. 

It’s the same thing in business where I think when we overfocus on the numbers and there’s a lot that I could do to bring in some quick cash.

But is that, are those the same actions that I wanna be taking? every week of the year? 

That’s where it can be so easy to get burnt out when we’re in that lack, chasing numbers, need mentality, not realizing there’s an energetic component.

2. Digging deep into the wounded inner child 

The inner child plays such a huge role because the wounded inner child is often what is amplifying the ego that negative voice in the mind that’s encouraging you to keep justifying.

It’s only one more binge. It’s not a big deal or why you should keep blaming everyone else for your issues and I emotionally ate because my boss was really mean to me today.

It’s their fault, right? 

That wounded inner child that fat ugly five year old me internally I carried her for 20 years before I started connecting with her, talking to her, and helping her feel safe. 

A lot of the reason why we will self sabotage with food is because we don’t feel safe feeling our emotions. 

We don’t have healthy ways to process, feel, and release that which doesn’t serve us.

3. Everything is connected

How you feel in and about your body is connected to your romantic life, your business life, your money, everything.

So whatever feels most alive for you, whatever you want to work on, just find someone that cares and that knows that it’s all connected.

It really doesn’t matter whether you’re joining a program to work on your body or to work on your money or your business. 

If you’re working with someone who gets it, everything is going to get better through that program.

4. Cyclicality is what keeps us revolving and evolving

Honoring the fact that it’s okay that nature has cycles, our business has cycles, and our body has cycles. 

When you’re in a winter kind of a season or you’re in an ebb in your business, not making that mean something negative about you.

5. Finding that nervous system regulation

Just what a gift it is when you can go through life and experience even the negative things with this feeling of “I can breathe through this. 

I can trust myself through this.

I know that I can get through this. 

I’m going to be just fine.”

That’s nervous system regulation. 

Man, does it make life a much more enjoyable experience.

This episode was fantastic and I really enjoyed Amber’s candidness. It is really one of my favorite chats, please give it a listen.


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