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If you’re doing sales calls in your business you know that what you say, what you don’t say, and how you feel all dictate the outcome and whether or not that person decides to become a client.

In this episode, I sit down with Celia Fay Meisel who is a sales growth consultant and expert on everything sales calls, and we talk all about her journey and her consulting business.

Unlock your potential with these nuggets:

  • The most important thing when selling anything
  • A trick to rewrite your subconscious brain when it comes to money and wealth stacking
  • What you need to get right and focus on when selling anything

Let’s dive into these key takeaways:

1. Alignment is the secret sauce to selling anything

If you are selling something you wouldn’t be excited to buy, it’s probably not going to land well.

You will probably not be able to guide the conversation in the right direction to get someone else to buy the product.

It’s amazing the programming that gets put on you when you are selling. Like for example if you value coaching then you are going to think highly of having a coach. If you want to play music you are going to find someone to teach you.

Finding alignment in what you are selling is some next level secret sauce.

2. Subconscious reprogramming to get to your goals – especially money and stacking wealth

One tool that Celia really dove into was reprogramming her unconscious mind by drilling into her subconscious mind. 

Embracing what fears and limiting beliefs come up when you quiet your mind starts to rewire what you are experiencing for new levels of growth and expansion.

Two of my favorite reprogramming tools she used were listening to binaural beats that really reset the subconscious mind and The Science of Getting Rich once a day, every day.

3. Getting the energetics right and knowing when they are off

Showing up authentically as yourself so you internally feel good is imperative to your sales process.

If you don’t feel good about your pricing or what you’re offering, or the connection you have with the other person in the sales process whether you are selling over the phone or in the DMs or even just through email or through a video sales letter.

If you feel funky about that, it will come through and your potential client is going to feel that so focus on your energetics and getting that right.

So what are you re-evaluating in your sales process now that you have listened to the podcast? 

I would love some feedback and of course if you haven’t yet, give this episode a listen. 

See you next time,


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