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What Is A Money Wound & How Does It Block Us From Wealth?

money wound (n): a stored feeling or trauma that negatively affects one’s thoughts, feelings, and actions around money

Money wounds block us from wealth because money wounds make us feel bad when we interact with money.

Thus, our subconscious mind in all its wisdom and desire to protect us, comes up with the genius solution that we should stop interacting with money so much.

Less receiving means less bank accounts to check, less money to spend, less decisions to make.

Each money wounds blocks money in its own unique way, but at a high level, they repel money to protect us from feeling bad.

But consciously, we WANT more money.

So what do we do?

We must diagnose and heal our money wounds.

Without doing that, even if we did happen to receive a bunch of money, it’s unlikely that we could enjoy lasting wealth. We’d likely end up like 70% of lottery winners, who are broke within a few years – despite having received a 7, 8, or even 9 figure payday. Simply put, money doesn’t heal money wounds.

Money will amplify our feelings of anxiety, stress, and discomfort until we heal the root cause of those feelings and create positive feelings in our body associated with receiving, holding, and growing wealth.

You may wonder how to diagnose your money wounds.

You can take the free Money Wounds Quiz to get a quick and accurate diagnosis and begin your
money healing journey.

Each money wound has a unique root cause and, thus, has unique targeted medicine needed to heal it.

Hi, I’m Emily June Wilcox, Money Healer and Multi 7 Figure CEO, created a program called Money Wound Medicine™ to help people – especially women – diagnose and heal their money wounds permanently so they could receive more wealth.

I really feel this program uses unique healing modalities to reprogram the subconscious mind and train the body to feel safe and receptive to receiving more wealth. Hundreds of people have taken this program and had life-changing results…from receiving unexpected money in the mail, to buying their dream exotic car, to having their first million-dollar year in business.

Some symptoms of money wounds include:

  • Avoiding looking at your bank accounts
  • Having a hard time spending money, even though you have it
  • Under-charging for your services
  • Feeling guilty or shameful for wanting luxury items
  • Receiving big windfalls of money, and then having big expenses until it’s all gone

Take the Money Wounds Quiz and get on the money healing journey now.

The world needs you healed and ready to receive!

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