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What To Value More Than The Bottom Line

Hey money manifestors! I’m Emily June Wilcox, money healer and business mentor, here helping you along on your Joyous Path To Millions. 

This episode is the fourth part to the series I co-hosted with Kat Burns entitled: Our Best Practices That Would Get Us Kicked Out Of The Boardroom.

We talked about:

  • How financial currency is a lag indicator to success
  • What the lead indicator actually is…
  • The best thing you can do for your business (and I cannot say it loud enough!)
  • How in business you have to be the experiment and lead from that place
  • What leaders need to understand to improve company culture

Let’s talk about those key takeaways:

1. You can’t focus on lag indicators, especially financial currency.

We all need to understand that in business, even if you establish that this financial goal  is our bottom line goal for next quarter. 

You’ve got to start going upstream and find the lead indicators because currency and financial outcomes are lag indicators. Always. 

We don’t really want to just value a lag indicator.

2. The natural question becomes what are the lead indicators?

This is where we diverge from traditional business advice but we both agree that the number one thing that you should be looking at is actually emotional currency.

It all comes back to the emotion that you’re feeling breeds more of the emotion on an energetic level, right? 

This is really where it comes down to. So if you’re in a good mood, you happen to notice that more good things may happen.

3. The best thing for your business is to realize that nobody can actually get in 40 hours of work.

 It doesn’t really support our well being and our health a lot of the time because we’re not meant to be on that much but because we’ve been trained, that’s the norm. 

That 40 hours is an 8 hour workday 5 days a week.

 We don’t really have any room to move from that.

So anybody that’s listening Hey, guess what? 

This is actually probably part of your downtime that will give you, and I’m not saying that’s wrong because even if you’re, the problem is when we’re encouraged to work that much. 

We physically don’t have the capacity.

4. As the business owner we have got to believe for ourselves first that we can work less and get more done 

Ultimately, feeling better about ourselves and our lives. Before we can try and implement that more broadly across our teams.

5. Leaders make changes first within themselves and then extend that to their employees

When you fully believe that it’s actually good for work and for personal wellbeing, Then it’s an effortless transition to extend it to the rest of your organization. They will feel safe trying it because they see you modeling it. 

So much of workplace culture really comes down to what’s being modeled, because if you say to your team, it’s fine.

Just take a break. If you’re ever feeling burnt out, go for a walk and they never see you do it. They will never think it’s okay to anyone listening, try it for yourself, prove it, run a one week experiment and see how you feel from there. 

It becomes so easy to try and duplicate it and become a model and become like a beacon for change within your organization.

That’s the end of our series of “Things we do in our business that would get us kicked out of the boardroom”. 

It was a pleasure diving into these conversations to put an end to the stigma and improve your work life balance and the balance of your employees. 

I look forward to hearing your feedback after you give it a listen.



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Emily June Wilcox is a Multi 7-Figure CEO, Money Healer, and Business Mentor. She works with women entrepreneurs to build their fempires with joy and ease and guides them on their joyous path to millions.

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