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New Year Rituals & Reflections to Set You Up for Success

In this episode, we’re beginning the year strong but not in a way that will make you feel pressured. We’ll go in-depth into the rituals and reflections that will make your body and soul act from purpose.

Come along with me as we create new space for the “new” and build a starting point for you to attract the life and success you deserve.

  • How to start a new year that is right for you
  • Taking the pressure off of your January
  • Why you can start your new year anytime
  • How you’ll look back at the things you missed from last year
  • The two questions you need to improve specific areas of your life
  • Visioning a better new year (one that is aligned with who you want to become)

Key takeaways to help you start YOUR new year right:

1. Finding the right balance within yourself on when and how you’ll start.

It’s easy to feel like you’re left behind especially when you see people around you creating a list of 20 things they want to achieve this new year.

This will trigger a trauma response in you and that can be paralyzing especially if you’re not making yourself aware that it’s just another day on the calendar.
You can start your new year, new me whenever you want, and whenever it feels right for you.

2. Part closing out the past year and part opening up the new year.

Moving forward into a new year doesn’t always mean letting go of all the things that happened in the past year.

This also means reflecting on the moments and lessons you want to take with you because they’re important.

Most of us are so busy taking action that we forget certain parts of the past year that made us love life even more.
I want you to have a beautiful way of looking back at these memories so you can keep them somewhere where they’re safe.

3. Writing down “plot twists” of the past year.

Our lives are unpredictably amazing especially if we choose to see it that way.

While there are unexpected negative plot twists that happened in the past year, it’s also healthy to look back at the beautifully unexpected things that happened.

You reached a business milestone faster. You got invited to guest on a podcast episode. You landed a new client by simply being in the same room as them.

This also allows you to see how some of the goals you had last year may have happened differently.

4. Rating areas of your life and identifying the three you want to improve.

There will always be a lot going on in your life all at the same time and knowing which ones you want to improve is a great way to set yourself up for success this 2024.

This allows you to have a good starting point on how you’ll create the beautiful life you want this new year.

We’re going in-depth and specific on how you’ll improve these areas in your life by simply asking two questions regarding them. What would it LOOK like to improve this area of my life? What would it FEEL like to improve this area of my life?

We’re even giving away a workbook you can use to make this process so much easier.

5. Visualizing the life you’ll have this new year.

Dream into the highlight reel for this upcoming year.

You wrote down your highlight reel last year and it’s fun. Now it’s time to visualize the moments and lessons you’ll look forward to in the new year.

It’s also a great practice to anticipate the “plot twists” that may happen in the future and how you’ll handle them. This way, you’ll feel so much safer, capable, and confident simply because you took the time in advance to know who you’re going to be and how you’re going to handle them.

I’m excited to go through this process with you. If you’re ready, give the episode a listen.



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