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Building Evidence of Success – June Celebrations & Lessons

As entrepreneurs, how often do you look at your definition of success? We are creatures driven by goals and fueled by our passion for creating a better world… And this line of work does NOT come easy. Sacrifices are made and a TON of internal growth is required to be a successful online business owner.

This means that traversing the entrepreneurial plane comes with mistakes and failures. I even hear some say that if we fail too many times… then our dreams die a slow death. True, but what if we can reframe our thinking around mistakes and failures? What if we cling only to the lesson that they bring? How do you think that would change the way we look at success?

Sweet celebrations & lessons I have for you in this episode:

  • Seeing you’re only moving forward towards your dream life and dream business
  • Putting yourself in a space where you’re supported for what you do
  • My start of Summer experience with family & friends
  • Being in celebration energy after every end of the month despite challenges
  • The power of a community & a solid coach
  • Looking for evidence of success in everything you do

Don’t you just love how we as humans can shift the way we look, feel, and think about things? I love how our minds are somewhat malleable and are capable of evolving in the way that we want them to be… Because this gives us a chance to shift our thinking into more favorable internal dialogues.

This is so, so, so important for driven women, working to build the life we want for ourselves. Why?

Building your dream life, your dream business, and your dream bank account will NOT be easy. Take it from me… This is part of why I started my coaching business because I know and believe we can gently go through that journey when we have the perfect support system.

And speaking of the perfect support system… I’m opening doors to Fruition Council this Summer (Yayyy!) and I have a special invitation for amazing women to apply and join our solid community.

In case you don’t already know, this mastermind is built around women supporting each other… PLUS the closest way of working with me. Think of it like your ideal support group, networking event, coaching program, and the coolest summer-camp-like business counseling group you’ll ever join.

If you’re interested, I invite you to learn more about it here. NOTE that this is an application because we love keeping the community supeeer valuable for ALL members.

One of the things we always talk about inside Fruition Council is building evidence of success. Think of it this way… EVERYTHING, whether that is good, bad, or neutral is EVIDENCE of your success. And that you’re using that as proof that things are moving, changing, that momentum is building…  And that you’re always, always on your way towards everything you want AND MORE.

The UNCONDITIONALNESS of this way of thinking shifts our approach to what we normally tag as mistakes or failures… When in reality, they have lessons with them. Lessons that we should be taking with us as we move forward. And it doesn’t even have to be evident immediately… As long as we accept that we’re constantly moving forward, it will look and BE that way.

Imagine being surrounded by people who encourage you to think this way… And hold you accountable too in being consistent. If you can do a TON of beautiful things by yourself… IMAGINE how much magic you can accomplish when you’re surrounded by people who love to see you win?

Key takeaway here is for us to BUILD EVIDENCE that we’re moving forward… We don’t want to build evidence that things are challenging or that we’re stuck. And this is possible when you see yourself surrounded by capable individuals telling you you’re changing and improving.

People don’t often see how well they’re doing until someone else tells them. We’re too inside our heads thinking about all the things we could have done, or we could still do… When in reality we’re already moving so much faster than we think we are.



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