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A Surprise Story

You know that feeling when you start accepting that what you want to happen may not be possible? But then a Divine intervention (without you realizing it) made things possible because she knows your heart is ready for it. She knows you’ve done the inner work… you’ve put in the effort to heal your subconscious from trauma.

This magical experience happened to me last month… on my birth month! And calling it a happy moment is a hugeee understatement. Up to this day, I can still feel all the light and love from that night. I hope that by reading this story… you’ll start to realize that continuously upgrading your inner environment leads to your outer environment catching up with the positivity.

What happened and why it was special to me:

  • Jeff and my friends planned a surprise dinner party for my 40th
  • I didn’t see it coming
  • Was planning on making it happen but I got afraid
  • Almost canceled the whole thing!!!
  • I wasn’t expecting anything that beautiful and it caught me so off guard
  • How laying the groundwork for a positive inner environment manifests the good life

I am not the type of person you can easily surprise. I feel like I have this gift (or a curse) that I see steps ahead of what is going to happen. And every single time I realize that I was right about something… there’s this inner dialogue in me that says “You can’t trick me. You can’t outsmart me.”

But what happened last month… it blew my Spidey-sense somewhere where I can’t use it. At first, I didn’t know why but after some introspection, I realized something else is at work here. Something wanted me to really feel that night… in its genuineness.

I realized it wasn’t because I was too busy with all the moving things in life… Work, family time, traveling, celebrating my kiddos. Not to mention taking care of my inner environment like I always do. (this is a priority no matter what, and I’ll tell you why in a bit)

So what happened was I was planning on inviting some friends to celebrate my 40th with me. BUT hesitated because I know life happens and not everyone will say Yes. It felt like a childhood wound that re-appeared so I had to let go of the idea and move forward. But then I didn’t realize Jeff and my friends were already in on this surprise dinner party for me…

Not to mention, the Divine teamed up with them and made sure I had zerooo clue as to what was happening.

And this is where the inner-environment work plays an important role in manifestations. When you constantly put the effort in making sure you have a heart and soul that is ready to accept positivity… it arrives even when you’ve already brushed the idea off.

When you start conditioning your thoughts and subconscious to be at the receiving end of wonderful things and moments… It’s healing. You’ll realize “You do matter, people will show up for you.”

The same concept is applicable to wealth. When you see wealth as something that you deserve (not in an entitled way) and something that is abundant that there is more than enough for you and others… you’re allowing it to flow into your life without much effort. This is the reason I started Emily Wilcox Coaching – I wanted to heal and empower women to receive wealth in a joyous and beautiful way.

Honestly, what happened that night was coded with so much receiving… I still feel how surreal it was TO THIS DAY. When I look back at how I was lagging and how my mind wasn’t catching up to the beautiful thing happening in front of me… It felt like a childhood wound was healed.

I’ll tell you ALL the deets (especially how I almost canceled that night) inside the podcast episode. But the takeaway I want you to leave with here is this… If you continue to upgrade your inner environment… do the inner work and fine-tune your own life… your outer environment begins to MATCH it.

What I experienced that night REINFORCED my mission to help women entrepreneurs heal their money wounds and begin a journey toward receiving safe and abundant wealth into their hands. Let this be the evidence that you are inherently worthy of the reality you desire… even if you think otherwise.



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