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Autoimmunity & The Good Girls with Sara Hirsh Bordo

People (especially women) tend to neglect the health signals our bodies send us. This is especially common in women who are the only daughter in the family or are the eldest daughter in the family. A study done by a soul sister, Sara Hirsh Bordo, confirmed that this way of suppressing these signals actually ends up causing our bodies more harm than good.

1 in 4 women have autoimmune conditions. And 94% of these women grew up feeling the need to suppress health signals simply because they didn’t want to disappoint the people around them. This is heartbreaking to hear. Knowing that we’re raised to be the good girl and now it’s costing us our health.

The episode in a nutshell:

  • Sara’s study on why suppressing health signals and pessimism causes autoimmune conditions
  • Sara’s own journey with autoimmune conditions
  • How she created something at the intersection of empowerment and women’s health
  • Why EMPOWERMENT goes beyond simply shaping the mindset
  • When is the good girl conditioning right?
  • What we’ve learned about self-help so far

Top takeaways from Emily:

  1.  Follow the story

I’m sure you know that so much of what we do is, in fact, from stories we heard. Building a business, embarking on the journey of parenthood, making lifelong commitments – these are all rooted in stories.

You will hear from Sara that she’s championing this movement for women and girls out there because of her story… And the stories of all those women who participated in her survey. Stories like these, when followed lead us to passion.

  1. Good girls get sick

This is a call to action for us moms and dads to parent our young girls better. The data shows that when we condition kids to be the good girl… they get sick when they get older. 

This is especially common for eldest daughters and only daughters in the family… But I think we should be more considerate about how we raise our little girls. We can totally tell them to be good but as Sara said it… “Girls can be told to be good… IF they are also told to be THEMSELVES.”

  1. Self-help over science

There is a wide range of self-help tips and methods you can apply to make your life and mindset so much better. But some of these methods aren’t backed by science yet. It’s only now that we’re seeing how being the good girl and suppressing our emotions actually causes us to get sick.

The one thing I really love about self-help is that it’ll look different for each individual. What’s working for you may not work for another person. So build a solid self-help routine for yourself, know what’s working for you, and eventually you’ll see science catching up and proving why your methods are effective.

  1. Empowerment is HEALING

When we hear the word empowerment, we mostly think it’s about strengthening the mind alone. This is why most would neglect empowerment work. But empowerment also comes with healing the body… And potentially lowering the risk of acquiring illnesses when we get old.

Women empowerment work is healing work… prioritize it the way you prioritize a doctor’s prescription and it will do wonders for your body.

  1. Figure out what feels good in your body

Mindfulness is already a practice backed by science. When we’re aware of what is going on in our bodies, we tend to know which habits, food, and rituals work best for us. This allows us to allow more of these positive things to come into our lives.

If you’re one who’s spent a lot of time suppressing your emotions and desires, now’s the time to explore and find out the things that are good for you.



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