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Discovering Your Inner Other with Amy Lee Westervelt

You know how much I love talking about balancing feminine and masculine energy… I can’t count the number of times this has helped me in making better decisions in business and in life. There is so much POWER in knowing everything you have is within you. But most people fail to really understand how to connect with their inner other.

I normally do this by taking a step away from the decision I know I need to make and seek guidance from my sacred feminine or sacred masculine self. But in this episode, our guest Amy Lee Westervelt is sharing how she’s talking with her masculine other. Not only to ask for guidance but ALSO for validation.

What’s waiting for you inside this episode:

  • Having complete surrender to your divine other
  • Do you need psychic abilities to do this too? NO
  • Allowing this inner other to take the reins in your business and make things happen
  • Amy’s 3 steps to discovering your inner other
  • Why you should NEVER think you don’t have enough money when saving
  • What to do when your income defines you

Top takeaways from Emily:

  1. The dualistic nature of our energy

Every one of us has our own inner masculine or inner feminine other. This is human nature. But most of us don’t ever consult this divine other because we think we need psychic abilities to do it. But in reality, it could be as simple as going out on a walk with yourself and your inner other will show up.

Understanding this dualistic nature of our energy will save us from feeling like we’re alone. Or we’re paralyzed by a decision we know we need to make. The thing that we have to remember about this is everything we need is within us.

Once you start to look at it with this lens, everything just makes more sense. You make better decisions because you know you’re capable and someone from within is helping you.

  1. Discovering your inner other and choosing to be in a relationship with him

Being intimate with our divine other can be overwhelming at first. If this is not something that you normally do, you will feel like you’re simply making inner dialogues like a child. But when you start to accept and surrender to it, things shift from being weirded out by it to depending on it.

Once you start acknowledging the concept of this divine other… Your next step is to be in a relationship with him. Amy Lee shares with us 3 wonderful steps on how you’ll do this exactly. It’s sooo fascinating to me how she defined these 3 steps.

  1. Not looking to the external for guidance and validation

If we look at it from an observer’s perspective, we will see how we’re conditioned to seek validation from external factors. Being liked by our boss for our work, being a good mother to our kids’ eyes, or being a better leader to our team. And this defines how we go about life. We make decisions based on how to be a better fill in the blank.

When we start to look within for both guidance and validation… we start to feel comfortable about who we are simply because we are us. And this happens a lot when we know how to tap into our divine other for guidance and validation.

  1. Scarcity consciousness begets more scarcity consciousness

People often think that acting like we don’t have enough money makes way for more money to be saved. But the dangerous thing about doing this is it puts us in a place where we project vibrations that we don’t have enough money… Which in turn makes it true.

Money problems are psychological. And if we’re constantly wanting to think that we don’t have enough of it… It will manifest. This will show up in many different ways, and I have a workshop I’m reopening to help people turn money dramas into wealth.

If you want access to this exclusive workshop. You can view it here.

  1. How much we make doesn’t define us

We love measuring almost everything we do. This helps put things into perspective and there is nothing wrong with that. Knowing your numbers makes you a better business owner. The problem occurs when you allow these numbers to define who you are as a person.

The human body holds so much inside it. Things that can never be measured and defined by metrics or income. Our income is really just one piece of us. There is so much more about who we are and what we can be.



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