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Why The Future is Female with Ayo Gospodinova

Women entrepreneurs function differently than male entrepreneurs. As women, we have plenty of things we’re good at. But as female entrepreneurs… I can confidently say that we’re really good at being empathetic and compassionate business owners.

And not many women own the idea of running businesses that are centered around humans. In this week’s episode of The Joyous Path To Millions podcast, I am joined by the lovely Ayo Gospodinova – fellow solopreneur and advocate of money in the hands of women.

Why this episode is special to businesswomen:

  • The big difference between our brains from the male mind
  • Why it’s important that we own our femininity
  • Looking at the bigger world for examples of wealth
  • You’re actually worth MORE than what you do for your customers/clients
  • Why it’s important to build relationships with your team
  • How Ayo overcame her own struggles with money wounds
  • Our Call To Action for ALL women entrepreneurs

Top takeaways from this episode:

  1. The female entrepreneur brain is different (in the best way)

If there’s one thing we’re good at as women entrepreneurs… it’s the fact that we care more about people (both the ones we work with and the ones we help with our solution).

As women, we are naturally empathetic and compassionate. This is why I think we need more women in power and in business. The idea that your leader cares more for you than she does for her own encourages beautiful growth.

We are sooo good with communication, bonding, and community building. These are all must-have qualities for anyone looking to be a leader.

  1. Look at the bigger world for examples of wealth

Money and wealth look sooo much different from your POV to that of another person, living in another country. The way we use money for our comfort or leisure can already mean someone else’s dream life coming true.

On the other hand, our way of using our money can look mediocre to another person. Having that view of money and wealth from another person’s perspective broadens our understanding of it.

How much do we really have? How much do we really need? Can I call myself wealthy at this level? Answering these questions as you look for examples of wealth from the bigger world should help you build a better understanding of it.

  1. IF at first you don’t succeed, try and try again

I feel that most entrepreneurs (the legit ones) already know this. Building a business requires experimentation… LOTS of it. If at first you don’t succeed, try again.

You never really know which attempt would be the deal-breaker for you and your dream business. If there’s ONE important advice I want you to take away from this… it’s that you really only need to get it right ONCE.

  1. Value your thinking, NOT just your doing

This is common especially when you’re offering your ideas and strategies to your clients. People overlook that the way you conceptualize and formulate ideas is also VALUE to the other party.

It’s NOT just you handing over a blueprint, a marketing asset, or a course… it’s you doing the years of research, experimentation, and joining mastermind groups. It’s you staying up at 2 am so you have time to put it all together for the people you serve.

There is sooo much value in that. And more often than not, we overlook the behind-the-scenes work happening to make the show appealing to an audience.

  1. Build relationships with your team

One of the best things about being an entrepreneur is working with a team who can be effective and efficient… Not because you asked them to, but because they want to.

It’s important to build better relationships with your team. And it doesn’t have to be too much that you start treating them as your friends. You only need to care enough to understand that they’re also humans and have personal things going on outside of work.

Talk about how they spent their weekend or what they do during their free time. Get to know them at some level of depth and it’ll be so much easier to connect and foster that relationship.



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