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Hey money manifestors! I’m Emily Wilcox, money healer and business mentor, here helping you along your journey towards the Joyous Path To Millions. This episode is the fourth part to the series I am co-hosting with Kat Burns entitled: Our Best Practices That Would Get Us Kicked Out Of The Boardroom. In this episode, we […]

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The Joyous Path to Millions Podcast

Have you Heard?

At the Joyous Path to Millions Podcast, we’re on a mission to heal money wounds, bust limiting beliefs, and up level the planet by putting more money in the hands of soul-driven entrepreneurs. On this show, we talk about money with radical transparency…you’ll hear how much money we make, what our profit margins are, which limiting beliefs we're healing, and more! Emily June Wilcox is a Multi 7-Figure CEO, Money Healer, and Business Mentor. She works with women entrepreneurs to walk their joyous path to millions.

(A top 3% global podcast - pinch me!!)

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