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We make a TON of decisions daily. From hundreds to even thousands. But not all of them are highlights of our days because we unconsciously make them. They’re already a part of what we do daily and don’t give them too much thought. But then…

At the other end of the decision-making spectrum are difficult decisions that challenge us. They push us out of our comfort zone into an area that is new and strange to us. Yet, after making that decision, we feel good. Why? It’s because we made that decision from who we are deep inside as a person.

What is waiting for you inside this episode:

  • What do values-based decisions feel like?
  • Family travels + staying at home
  • What have I been up to in the month of April?
  • An Em surprise that I’m super excited to share with you real soon!
  • I broke my nail
  • How much have we made this month in business?

So much traveling and spending time with my family happened in April. I treasure these days because they mean so much to me. Spending time with my kids and making memories are one of the many things I wouldn’t give a second thought about doing.

Even if it means I have less time to do work. Some will say “They won’t even remember it!” but who cares really… I WILL remember it. I love spending time with my kids, especially my daughter whose love language is Quality Time. Whenever we do things together, I just feel she’s so much happier.

In fact, one of my main stretches this month is cutting my nails and hitting the breaks on gel manicures (I know, right?). I had a TON of resistance to do it… But after getting it done, it felt good. Like really good.

But before we get to that…

Reason why I had to get my natural nails back was because I tore my thumbnail from pitch practice with my daughter. I was catching the ball a couple of times in such a way that it put enough force on my left thumbnail that it tore the nail through the baseball glove.

And knowing my daughter, I know she’s just going to keep pitching faster and I love seeing her so dedicated to something she loves doing. So I made the decision (at least in this season) to cut my nails and stop getting the gel manicures.

And it felt sooo right, sooo EASY, and sooo ALIGNED.

Yes, I was grieving the loss of the feminine part of me that really loved having those nails… But the Em in me who loves spending time with her family and making memories with her kids is such a high value that there was no compromising it.

Another hugeee stretch in April… I got sick for a while. And while traveling with my family. But I was still able to do things and I thank my healthy body for helping me get through it. After that were two full weeks of staying at home (BIG CELEBRATION) which made me feel recovered and rested.

And because of that… I have major news I will share with you inside the episode. Really celebrating that and other new projects. Sit down and join me in this week’s episode… Let’s celebrate the values-based decisions we’re making.



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